Free Rapidvite Feeding Guide

Start with Rapid Dual D & A for three days to clean out the kidney, Bladder and urinary tracts and get rid of the acidity from the blood and muscles.
Repeat this treatment every four weeks.

Then 5mL Rapid Ferro for 7 days to build the Haemoglobin level in the blood.

We suggest that before you race or trial your greyhounds, to make up; a quarter slice of bread a pinch of meat 20 mL of Rapid Acid Neutralizer.  Give this mixture to the greyhounds before you leave home to go racing or trialling. This is the best solution against lactic acid.

Now you can start the monthly program

Morning Feed
10 mL of Rapid Acid Neutralizer
10g of Energize ER electrolyte replacer with Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
This will ensure that your greyhound will not cramp and can run the distance

Evening Feed
5g of Vite Amino GB to condition your dog to the top.
5 - 8g of Rapidvite Blood Booster to increase Red Cells in the bloodstream.
More red cells mean more oxygen can be delivered to the muscles to assist in energy production. Check your Greyhounds red cells every six weeks.
10mL Rapidvite Apple Cider Vinegar (Vitamin B1 + Garlic) Breaks down fat and
balances pH levels.
20 - 40mL Rapidvite Accelerator Oil. Remember you are training an athlete.
Racing greyhounds expend energy in a short sharp 20 to 30 or 45 second burst
Keep this feeding regime in your feed preparation room to achieve success like
top trainers do.

Brown Rice
30Kg Greyhound: Weigh 300g uncooked brown rice. Cook rice daily and serve half in the morning and then the balance at night 28Kg Greyhound: Weigh 280g uncooked brown rice. Cook rice daily and serve half in the morning and then the balance at night.
Note: The Rice must be soaked overnight for easier digestion and to retain the nutrients, otherwise the brittle shell will end up excreted as waste.



150g (Dry weight) of cooked Brown Rice
20mL of Rapidvite Accelerator Oil
10g of Energize ER Electrolyte replacer with Vitamin C and Vitamin E
10mL of Rapid Acid Neutralizer


150g of cooked Brown Rice
20 - 40 mL Rapidvite Accelerator Oil
10mL Rapidvite Apple Cider Vinegar
600g of meat. To help get weight off the dog
decrease the meat weight and increase rice.
This will ensure the dog has a reserve of
carbohydrate to provide energy
5g of Vite Amino GB
5 - 8g of Rapidvite Blood Booster

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Rapidvite Starter Pack

The Rapidvite Program

Rapid Dual D&A
Day 1,2 & 3 with no other supplements and repeat monthly
Commence the monthly program with Rapidvite Dual D&A. The kidneys and liver are the body’s filters. Rapid Dual D&A cleanses the kidneys, liver and urinary tract as well as removing acids and toxins from the blood.

Rapid Ferro
Day 4-10 inclusive and repeat monthly
The greyhound has approximately 3-4 litres of blood. Iron is an essential part of the oxygen carrying haemoglobin in the blood and myoglobin in the muscles. Greyhounds suffering from iron deficient dietary anaemia will benefit from using Rapid Ferro.

Rapidvite Blood Booster
Day 11 to 31 (or month end) and repeat monthly
A High potency formulation of B group Vitamins, Iron and Vitamin C. Blood booster assists in the treatment of iron deficient dietary anaemia by promoting the production of red blood cells.
More Red Cells = More oxygen carrying capability = More Energy

Vite Amino GB
Day 4 to 31 (or month end) and repeat monthly
A unique formulation of multi vitamins, amino acids and minerals for the performance animal. Vite Amino GB is a concentrated formula required for Carbohydrate metabolism and muscle function

Energize (ER) Electrolyte Replacer
Day 4 to 31 (or month end) and repeat monthly
Performance animals are prone to dehydration through their exercise regime. Energize (ER) was formulated to provide a balanced dose of Potassium Sodium and Carbohydrate to assist in the prevention of dehydration

Rapid Acid Neutralizer
Day 4 to 31 (or month end) and repeat monthly
Rapid Acid Neutralizer was formulated to aid in the treatment and prevention of acidosis, dehydration and cramping. It works by neutralizing harmful acids which build up in the blood stream after heavy training and exercise.

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