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This high quality colour anatomical chart has been designed to provide an accurate visually attractive reference guide of the musculoskeletal system of the dog. An ideal learning tool for trainers, owners, breeders, veterinary students and all involved in the love, care, training and management of these magnificent creatures.

The shape, relative proportions and position of the muscles and bones have been carefully and beautifully illustrated based on many hours of detailed dissection. The commonly used names of major structures have been included for easy reference. The illustrations highlight features of clinical importance that are prone to strain and injury.

It was Prof McMenamin's personal interest in greyhounds that led to him identifying the need for some form of high quality accurate anatomical teaching aid for the veterinary industry and dog training fraternity. 'The Anatomy of the Dog' wall chart is the result of over 18 months of careful dissection, photography and illustrative documentation of canine anatomy. The chart was specifically designed as a teaching aid for trainers wishing to detect and treat injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Dr John Kohnke, then with 'Vetsearch International', upon hearing of Professor McMenamin's project encouraged him to make the chart commercially available. His advice and experience in the racing industry was invaluable in the creation of the charts. The chart is not only targeted at those interested in greyhounds but it is also relevant to all dog breeds which are after all identical in anatomical composition and only very in relative proportions. 

Product Information

These illustrated colour charts, printed on high quality acid free paper, are fully laminated and printed in full colour.

They can be framed and make an ideal gift for the office, study, kennels or as a piece of art.

750mm x 500mm

Information on Other Contributors

Dr John Kohnke was Technical Director for 'Vetsearch International' at the time of the creation of the horse and dog anatomy charts. He is recognized worldwide for his research and publications on nutrition and management of the performance animal, including the horse and greyhound. His expertise in injuries was invaluable in helping decide which aspects of anatomy of the greyhound and horse were most relevant to trainers. 

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