Horse Anatomy Chart

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This Horse (Equine) Skeletal and Muscular anatomical wall chart illustrates the main features of the equine anatomy in full colour detail.

This laminated veterinary chart is scientifically accurate, which makes it ideal for anatomical studies and procedural demonstration. This horse anatomy poster is laminated and whiteboard marker pens can be used to make notations.

These Veterinary Wall Charts make perfect displays for use by professionals, veterinary practices, students, breeders, and horse owners alike.

This is a must purchase for the equine enthusiast.

The instant success of the dog chart encouraged Paul to immediately commence work on a similar chart of the horse musculoskeletal anatomy. 'The Anatomy of the Horse' chart has proven very successful with thoroughbred and trotting trainers as well as amateur horse owners, veterinary practitioners and students.

Information on Other Contributors

Associate Professor Ken Richardson teaches at the Department of Veterinary Anatomy, Murdoch University, Western Australia one of the most highly respected veterinary schools in Australia. Dr Richardson was a critical advisor and contributor to the content of the horse chart. Many of the dissections that the illustrations depict were prepared under his guidance. His intimate knowledge of equine anatomy was invaluable in the creation of the chart and in ensuring its accuracy and originality.

Information on Other Contributors

Dr Kohnke was Technical Director for 'Vetsearch International' at the time of the creation of the horse and dog anatomy charts. He is recognized worldwide for his research and publications on nutrition and management of the performance animal, including the horse and greyhound. His expertise in injuries was invaluable in helping decide which aspects of anatomy of the greyhound and horse were most relevant to trainers.

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